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2023Healthcare Expo Taiwan

This year we will unite two major hospitals!!! Jhong Jheng Spine & Orthopedic Hospital and KMU Affiliated Healthcare System


This time, in collaboration with Chung Cheng Spine and Orthopedic Hospital, we are showcasing the CA200 cabin for the public to experience. We also have a peripheral vascular microcirculation testing device, providing testing services for the public. After hyperbaric oxygen therapy, there is indeed a significant improvement in blood circulation!

2023 Taiwan International Medical and Healthcare Exhibition

Taiwan International Medical and Healthcare Exhibition (Medical Taiwan), organized by the Foreign Trade Association, successfully concluded today (10th) at Taipei Nan Gang Exhibition Center Hall 2. The exhibition, themed "Rehabilitation Medicine," promoted the application of hyperbaric oxygen in age-friendly care and rehabilitation medicine.

New Southbound Medical and Health Cooperation-Vietnam High Medical and Buon Ma Thuot Medical University Vietnam

Thanks to the directors of Buon Ma Thuot Hospital and Gaoyi Hospital, Board Chairman, Buon Ma Thuot University Medical University President and Vice President of Buon Ma Thuot University Medical University Hospital Director of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery,...


The annual grand event of the dental community in Shuangbei - after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in 2019, countries around the world have gradually unblocked, and the energy that has been dormant for a long time in the dental community will finally shine this year.

Comprehensive wound care center – utilizing hyperbaric oxygen technology to improve wound healing efficiency

Different from medical-grade hyperbaric oxygen chambers, gentle-type hyperbaric oxygen chambers are less risky during operation. The leading welding technology of Kuang Tai is a guarantee of safety, allowing this product to meet the strict qualification of medical devices. The targeted customers of gentle-type chambers include plastic surgery clinics, rehabilitation centers, aesthetic clinics and dental clinics. Kuang Tai Metal also has a booth at I523 where a gentle-type chamber is displayed ...

2022 Healthcare+ EXPO‧TAIWAN

Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition is an important platform for government and private cooperation in the development of the new generation of health industry. It also showcases Taiwan’s cross-field cooperation achievements in medical care, biotechnology, and digital technology to domestic and international audiences!

2022 Tainan Health Carnival Exhibition

The characteristic smart medical area includes smart hospitals, medical materials and equipment, precise testing, new biotechnology drugs and cell therapy.

2021 MEDICAL TAIWAN International medical, health & care expo

The Taiwan External Trade Development Council gathers Taiwan's top medical device company manufacturers to present the medical device industry's upstream and downstream production and supply chains and intelligent and innovative new medical models.